Marketplace Simulations Updates: Winter 2024

Marketplace Simulations Updates: February 2024

It’s a new year with exciting new developments at Marketplace Simulations! We can’t wait for you to experience this new batch of updates. As always, you can contact our support team with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Let’s dive in!

New Bikes Levels

Strategy and Business Policy – Bikes, Against Computer

We’re excited to share that Strategy and Business Policy – Bikes is now available to be played against a computer. While many of our instructors love the interaction of the Against Classmates version, others need a capstone tool that can be played individually. This new version will provide greater flexibility to professors as they structure their courses.

Our Strategy and Business Policy simulations have been used in over 1,000 classrooms, and we’re excited to see that number grow.

E-Commerce Business Strategy – Bikes

With low overhead and an abundance of opportunity, e-commerce is a critical subject for today’s students. Our new E-Commerce Business Strategy simulation allows students to build a thriving business entirely online. Bundle it with our Online Marketing Microsimulations to give your students the complete online sales and marketing experience.

New Microsimulations Bundles

We’re excited to introduce two new Microsimulations bundles this year.

Product Design Bundle

This bundle covers the QFD technique of product design and the use of market response functions. It includes two Microsimulations:

  • Fundamentals of Product Design
  • Product Design and Market Response Functions

Pricing Bundle

This bundle covers the fundamentals of pricing, the demand curve, and price elasticity of demand. It includes two Microsimulations:

  • Fundamentals of Pricing
  • Price Elasticity in Practice

New Game Data

We updated the game data for Introduction to Marketing. Students will face a whole new set of computer-played teams.

Any games created after January 10, 2024, will include the new game data. If you set up your game before January 10, your game will not be affected. If your game is set up to be played against classmates, it will not be affected.

New Play Site Domain

As announced last quarter, our play site web address has changed from to This change allows our gameplay URL to match our main website,

All usernames and passwords remain the same. Your existing account will continue to function as usual, but you will access it at

Student Software Improvements

  • Students can now see all team members in the Team Monitor at all times. This change will reduce student confusion about whether they are on the right team. A new icon next to students’ names will indicate which team members are currently online.
  • Simulation Knowledge Check questions will now appear in a random order when presented to students.

Instructor Software Improvements

  • When searching for sample games on the Instructor Game List screen, you will now find Bikes games at the top. This will make it easier to find our most current (and most-used) games.
  • Column headers will now stay visible as you scroll through the Instructor Game List, Results, Decisions Highlights, and Coaching Assistant.

Language Updates

We have translated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in to the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish