Open Badges from Marketplace

Open Badges from Marketplace Simulations

Quick Claim Instructions

  1. Create a badge backpack
    Make a free account on a service (like Badgr) with your preferred email address. This is the backpack where you can collect any badges you may earn.
  2. Add any other email addresses necessary to the backpack account
    The email you used to play Marketplace is the key to validate this badge. If this email is not the same as the email you chose for your backpack account, add the Marketplace email as a secondary email to the Badgr account.
  3. Use one of the options on the badge from Marketplace to claim your badge in the backpack
    From the backpack, import the Marketplace badge into your account using one of the three options provided with your badge. You will then be able to save and easily share your badge.
Official Open Badges Issuer Insignia

Recognizing student accomplishments

Every student who successfully completes one of Marketplace’s competitive business simulations deserves recognition for this accomplishment. Even at introductory levels, our simulations require students to practice crucial business concepts, develop strategy, and problem solve in a real-world business environment.

Therefore, we’re launching a new Open Badges program to award digital certificates of completion and accomplishment to hardworking Marketplace students.

What are Open Badges?

Open Badges is the world’s leading format for digital badges. It was created to better allow learners to visualize, promote, and articulate their accomplishments. The Open Badges standard is an open, shareable code specification developed in the international non-profit community.

Collecting Open Badges is well-suited to award learning such as after school programs, continuing education, technical certification, volunteer work, micro-credentials, and the many other ways where students would love to stand out.

The Open Badges ecosystem has badges issued by universities, community organizations, government organizations, libraries, museums, and professional organizations. Corporations like IBM and Microsoft use them to develop and find talent. There have been over 24.1 million Open Badges issued.

Open Badge earners can collect badges into a badge backpack to easily share their accomplishments. Open Badges are verifiable and often backed by evidence, so they offer unique validity to resumes, CVs, personal websites, and other digital portfolios.

Badges are meant to be shared. When you include your Open Badges in your professional narrative, employers are more likely to trust the claims you make about your skills. Even better, they can click on an Open Badge, view any evidence, read details about your achievement, and verify the badge’s authenticity!

Marketplace Simulations is excited about this potential for the global educational sphere, and has become a certified issuer of Open Badges.

The flow of an Open Badge: An Issuer issues an Open Badge, in this case it's Marketplace. The Earner receives the badge and then imports it into a Backpack or Badge Passport. By claiming the Open Badge into the Backpack the Earner can collect their Open Badges in one place, store them in the cloud, have them display as verified, and easily share them. With a shareable link from the Backpack service the Earner can put their Open Badges on many things to share with the professional world, such as resumes or on social media.

Open Badges available from Marketplace Simulations

Students participate in a business simulation that develops and tests their business knowledge through competitive, simulated business decisions.

Marketplace Simulations Open Badge for completion of a simulation

Certificate of Completion

This badge is awarded to all participators upon completion of a Marketplace simulation.

Marketplace Simulations Open Badge for first place team

1st Place Team

This badge is awarded to all members of the winning team upon completion of a Marketplace simulation.

Marketplace Simulations Open Badge for top 10 percent worldwide

Top 10% Worldwide

This badge is awarded to all members of a team whose performance falls in the top 10% of all teams worldwide for each simulation.

How do our open badges work?

When players meet specific Marketplace badge criteria, they are automatically issued a badge. When we issue a badge to you, an individual badge certification is created. This unique badge can be verified as authentic with just two pieces of information: the email address for your Marketplace account, and either the badge link or the badge image.

To claim your Marketplace Open Badge, import it into a badge backpack. A badge backpack lets you save all of your badges in one place, while making verification automatic and improving sharing.

Badgr and Open Badge Passport are two popular, free backpack services. Once you choose a service, remember to add each email address associated with a badge that you wish to claim. If you already have a paid subscription service (such as with your school’s LMS, Acclaim, Credly, or Microsoft Teams) you may also be able to combine your Open Badges, either through importing or exporting.

Your Marketplace badge is a great way to show off your accomplishments. Future employers will be happy to hear about your experience and how participating in a business simulation provides perspective and preparation in a real-world environment.

Use the link from your backpack to share your badge anywhere!

  • Certifications Section on your Linkedin Profile
  • Include it on your website or digital portfolio
  • Link to it in job applications or a PDF Résumé
  • Put it in a post on Social Media
  • Use the image and link in your email signature