LMS Integration

Integrate a Marketplace Simulation with your Learning Management System

Many universities use Learning Management Systems (LMS) to manage their students’ learning experience. Marketplace Simulations can be easily integrated into your university’s LMS as an external tool. Such integration offers two advantages: passwordless login (Via Link Launch) and grade transfer from Marketplace to LMS. The grading tool transfers a singular scalar value: Microsimulations will transfer the average score for the entire bundle. Marketplace Simulations will transfer the final simulation’s final grade based on the last Quarter’s Cumulative Balanced Scorecard.

We have successfully integrated many universities’ various Learning Management Systems (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, Sakai, Brightspace). Our biggest Learning Management System integrations are Harvard Business Publishing and Western Governors University.

Marketplace Simulations can easily be integrated with an LTI 1.1 or LTI Advantage certified LMS. Marketplace Simulations has LTI 1.1, LTI 1.3 and is the first LMS External Tools world-wide to be LTI Advantage certified.

Contact our Support Department for instructor and student manuals on how our simulations connect with your classroom and university.

Example image showing how grades can be exported to an LMS
An example of an LMS gradebook where Marketplace grades have been imported