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Distributors of Marketplace Simulations

We work with several friendly faces worldwide.

The Americas


Mrs. Claudia Burgos and Mr. Gustavo Sanchez Peralta

Marketplace Simulation Mexico
Phone: +52-5555158905
Marketplace Simulations – Mexico Website
Contact Mr. Peralta or Mrs. Burgos

Dominican Republic, Costa Rica

Mr. Ryno L. Senior

Phone: +1 (809) 856-6177
SIGSIM website
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Trinidad and Tobago

Dr. Christian Stone

3 Stone Ltd
Phone: +1 (868) 770 4500
3 Stone website
Contact 3Stone


Giuseppe Faraco

Management & Consulting
Phone: +57-316 6 28 01 96 (Colombia)
Phone: +1 (740) 531 00 47 (USA)
Skype: giuseppefaraco
M&C website
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M&C logo


Mr. Claudio Manassero

TecTrain website
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Mr. Peter Kolciter

eBridge, s.r.o.
Phone: +421.41.5625512
eBridge website
Contact eBridge

eBridge logo


Mr. Marian Kapuscinski

iSpace Simulation sp. z 0.0.
Phone: +48-508-707-480
Contact iSpace Simulation


Mr. Alvydas Vitkauskas

Contact Mr. Alvydas Vitkauskas

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Benelux (The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg)


Phone: +31 20 893 28 18
Investablish website
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Investablish logo

United Kingdom

Mr. Gyffard Yates

Marketplace Simulation UK Ltd
Educational Institutions
Contact Gyffard Yates

Euro-Asia, Middle East, Africa


Mr. Erhan Imamoglu

Bilimtur Organizasyon A.S
BLO website
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BLO logo

South Africa

Mr. Gary Ralph

Strategic Business Simulations
Phone: +27 82 8528288
Contact Gary Ralph

Strategic Simulations logo



Mr. Urken Karakulov

Business Link
Phone: +7 (701) 777 5190
Business Link website
Contact Urken Karakulov


Ronnie Chen Ph.D.

Shanghai Intelliant Education Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Intelliant EdTech

Intelliant EdTech logo

South Korea

Mr. Paul Choi

PNM Consulting Korea
Phone: +82-2-3482-2247
PNM website
Contact PNM

Paul and Mark logo

India, MBA, Post Graduate programs

NJOY Learning Processes Pvt. Ltd.

NJOY website
Contact NJOY

NJOY logo

India, Undergraduate programs, corporate and K-12

Cubane Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Cubane website
Contact Cubane

Cubane logo

India, Undergraduate programs

Art of Learning

Art of Learning website
Contact Art of Learning

United States, Canada, and all regions not covered by one of our distributors

Map of the world

Marketplace Simulations logo

Marketplace Simulations

Phone: +1-865-522-1946