Introducing Microsimulations- A New Tool to Engage Students in the Classroom

The challenge with how to engage students in the classroom is a rite of passage in higher education. Studies show that students who participate in the learning process are more focused, retain more knowledge, and are better equipped to tackle higher-level problems requiring critical thinking. Retaining students’ attention against the distractions offered by laptops and smartphones is no small task, especially when teaching complex business concepts.

“Instead of competing with technological distractions, incorporate educational technology into your teaching process.”

Professors can spend decades perfecting their lecture style and the art of drawing students into discussions, but is improving lecture delivery the answer to how to engage students? Research shows that students only retain 20 percent of what they hear in the classroom. It isn’t until they put theory into practice that knowledge retention jumps to 80 percent.

Modern teaching tools allow educators to add practical experiential learning exercises to their curriculum. Students become more engaged and they develop a better grasp of course material.

Using technology for experiential learning

Instead of competing with technological distractions, embrace the new way your students consume content today and incorporate educational technology into your teaching process. For some, this takes the form of a flipped classroom, with lecture content delivered outside of class, while class time is devoted to active learning, problem solving and instructor-student interaction.

A flipped classroom requires intense planning from the professor before the semester begins, and students will often need practice applying concepts before they can be successful at in-class challenges.

Our new product, Marketplace Microsimulations, is a learning technology tool that makes both incorporating active learning into the curriculum or fully flipping the classroom easier. Marketplace Microsimulations are online experiential learning exercises that allow students to test their knowledge in a game-like computer simulation.

Marketplace Microsimulations – Learning that sticks


Each microsimulation is 10 to 25 minutes long and features an animated visualization of the topic, paired with bite-sized interactive challenges. Students gain knowledge of an essential business concept, practice it in an experiential learning exercise, and receive immediate feedback. They can repeat the exercises until they receive a perfect score, learning from their mistakes and immediately applying their knowledge.

The microsimulations are accessible online, so you can use them as part of a homework assignment or as an in-class exercise. There’s nothing to download, and you can monitor your students’ progress in real time.

We have microsimulations covering many essential business concepts, such as basic accounting, strategic planning, production scheduling, and internet marketing. We also offer pre-set bundles on key topics, so you can integrate microsimulations at multiple points in your curriculum.

If you’re seeing a lack of engagement in your business classes, Marketplace Microsimulations can be a way to regain your students’ focus and help them better retain knowledge.

We are such a believer in experiential learning that we encourage you to try one of our microsimulations for free. Discover for yourself learning that sticks with Marketplace™ Microsimulations.