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Support Q&A on using Marketplace Simulations; How to use the Instructor Interface and frequently asked questions.

Introducing Microsimulations- A New Tool to Engage Students in the Classroom

The challenge with how to engage students in the classroom is a rite of passage in higher education. Studies show that students who participate in the learning process are more focused, retain more knowledge, and are better equipped to tackle higher-level problems requiring critical thinking. Retaining students’ attention against the distractions offered by laptops and… Read More »

Practice Makes Perfect – Experiential Learning Might Be the Solution

Higher education tends to place a large focus on teaching students how to succeed, both inside and outside of the classroom.  Addressing failure, however, is equally as important, and it is essential for students to recognize the value of learning from their mistakes. Starting as early as kindergarten and pre-school, students are taught that practice… Read More »

Microsimulations for Business Education

New training tool for your classroom: Microsimulations for Business Education What are the Microsimulations? Microsimulations are optional skill-and-drill exercises that students can use within a Marketplace® Live Simulation. Each exercise takes between 10 to 25 minutes to complete. What is the purpose of the Microsimulations? Over the years, our simulations have been able to provide… Read More »

Enhancements – Coaching Assistant Tool

Coaching Assistant Tool What is it? The Coaching Assistant Tool guides instructors to key coaching points for each team in one dashboard. The Coaching Assistant generates specific coaching points for each team based on their current quarter decision. It also acts as a debriefing dashboard for discussing the previous quarters’ results. How does it work? Instructors have the… Read More »

Relationship Dashboard

Relationship Dashboard Anton Fenik (Ph.D. student at the University of Tennessee) and Dr. Ernie Cadotte have created a Relationship Dashboard for ILS’ Supply Chain and Channel Management simulations. Suppliers and Resellers evaluate their channel partners during the last quarter of the simulation. Each team receives a Relationship Dashboard on how they conducted their business dealings.… Read More »

Microsimulations Available Now

The new Microsimulations that were announced in December are now available.. These are optional skill-and-drill exercises that students can complete within a Marketplace® Live simulation. Read more about how to preview the Microsimulations and add them into your simulation below: How do I preview the Microsimulations? There is a sample demo for Microsimulations at: To… Read More »

Marketplace Live Simulation Tip: Running a Pessimistic and Worst Case Scenario

Want your team to avoid going bankrupt or having large emergency loans? Here is a tip: Usually, after having entered all their marketing and sales decisions, your students will go into the manufacturing area, project their demand, run their factory simulation and then go into the pro forma financial statements to load the information. They… Read More »

Support Quarterly Note: What is the cumulative balanced scorecard?

The Cumulative Balanced Scorecard is used to measure the teams’ performance within the simulation. Teams receive a scorecard at the end of each quarter detailing their performance in the previous quarter relative to their competition. The balanced scorecard metrics require students to be accountable for managing all aspects of the firm. Focusing on multiple performance… Read More »

Exhibiting at the Midwest Academy of Management Conference

  Innovative Learning Solutions plans to attend and exhibit at the upcoming Midwest Academy of Management Conference in Itasca, Illinois. If you are planning to attend or will be in the area, please let us know. We would love to set up a special meeting, answer any questions you have, or at least say hello.… Read More »