Enhancements – Coaching Assistant Tool

Coaching Assistant Tool

What is it?

The Coaching Assistant Tool guides instructors to key coaching points for each team in one dashboard. The Coaching Assistant generates specific coaching points for each team based on their current quarter decision. It also acts as a debriefing dashboard for discussing the previous quarters’ results.

How does it work?

Instructors have the ability to look at an overview table of all of the coaching messages that were triggered by their teams’ previous quarter’s performance. The messages show what might be wrong with each team’s current quarter decisions.

Drilling down further, instructors can look into each team’s trouble areas using details that are automatically provided. Coaching points are listed by severity, with a short statement describing the problem. A detailed description of the probable reasons for the problem is supported by data that has been extracted directly from the team’s decisions and results.

How should I use it?

The Coaching Assistant is a great way for new instructors to become acclimated to evaluating team results in the simulation and gathering data for coaching. This increases your engagement with your students by helping them work through their past quarter decisions through reflective discussion.

For experienced users, it is a perfect shortcut to gather performance results for coaching their teams.

This tool is located in two areas: under the Current Quarter Decisions link and under Results after the students have made sales. This tool is available for every Marketplace Live game.


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