Marketplace Live Peer Evaluation Tool

Used as a team-based exercise, Marketplace Live simulations can help you create a collaborative learning environment that encourages teamwork and helps students develop interpersonal skills. The Peer Evaluation tool is used to determine how well these behaviors are evident during the exercise.

This tool can be run at any time. As an example:

Running the peer evaluation at the end of the exercise may provide you with enough information in regards to each student’s performance within the team. However, using the peer evaluation half-way through the exercise and then again at the end will help you determine whether students learned from the initial peer evaluation feedback and took corrective action during the remainder of the course.

Update to Peer Evaluation Tool

We recently updated the Peer Evaluation tool to make it easier to set up and use. The redesigned system allows you to quickly choose from several predefined templates or gives you the ability to create your own evaluation from scratch. Each version contains a different set of questions.

Marketplace Live Peer Eval Tool

When you’re ready to administer the evaluation, the system will send an email, containing a link to the evaluation, to every student. The link also appears directly in the simulation when your students sign in. As students start completing the evaluations, you can easily monitor their progress and send reminders if needed.

Marketplace Live Peer Eval Tool

You can review peer feedback for each individual student and, if you wish, share anonymous feedback reports with your students as well.

To locate the Peer Evaluation tool:

  1. Sign in to Marketplace Live as Instructor.
  2. Pick a game from the list of your active games.
  3. Click Grades, Test & Evaluations in the center of the game detail screen.
  4. Pick Peer Evaluations from the menu.

Don’t hesitate to call our support at (865) 522 1946 if you have any questions about this tool or wish to give us your feedback…