Around the World with Marketplace Simulations

Sebasi One Day MBA Workshop at the Seoul Center for Creative Economy & Innovation

By the end of 2017, 4.1 billion people had access to the internet.

This technology has made the world more connected than ever, allowing ideas and information to pass freely between different countries and cultures. Globalization has had a radical impact on education.

As teachers search for effective and innovative methods and tools, they now have access to a world of options. One of these are business simulations.

Simulations provide an interactive, competitive experience that puts students in the executive seat – wherever they may be in the world – letting them make critical decisions and learn how a business works.

International Business Simulations

Marketplace’s mission is to provide accessible business education for all by creating engaging educational tools that transform lives around the world.

Since our founding in 2001, students and business coaches in more than 750 universities worldwide have used our simulations. Our team of distributors offer local support to schools and businesses to their communities worldwide.

Recently, our distributor in South Korea, Paul&Mark, hosted a workshop where they used a Marketplace Simulation to teach local entrepreneurs how to start a business.

We’ve worked hard to make these tools relevant and engaging across as many cultures and languages as we can.

As technology continues to develop and connect the world, we’re committed to making simulations and education tools for the global community. Show us how you use our simulations in new and unique ways. We love what you do with them.