Marketplace Simulations to Collaborate with the AIMS Annual Management Education Convention in Hosting Conscious Capitalism® Student Competition

Knoxville, TN – The Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) will host the 30th AIMS Annual Management Education Convention in collaboration with the Academy of Indian Marketing (AIM) and NJOY Learning Processes Pvt. Ltd. The convention features a simulation competition for 2nd year MBA/PGDM students of AIM and AIMS member institutions. The competition consists of two rounds where student teams of six each will experience the Conscious Capitalism® simulation, designed by the global publisher of online learning solutions, Marketplace Simulations.

The competition challenges teams to not only maintain a profit but also to do so while considering all of the firm’s stakeholders. Students will test their skills in management and human resources as well making important decisions about ethical, environmental, and sustainability issues found in today’s world.

Eligibility requirements for the Conscious Capitalism competition include:

  • 2nd Year MBA/PGDM Students of AIM Institutions and AIMS Life Member Institutions
  • Teams must be composed of six students
  • Only one team per school is allowed to participate

The competition is composed of a regional round and a final round. The regional rounds will take place online from July 23-28, 2018 between students from the North, South, East, and West of India with a maximum of eight teams per region able to compete.

The top two teams from each region will go on to the final round in Bengaluru, India from August 29-31, 2018. The final round will be formatted as a workshop, instructed by Rajkumar Phatate, Ph.D., associate professor with FLAME University, and Ernest Cadotte, Ph.D., author of Marketplace Simulations.

“The Conscious Capitalism simulation will test the competitors’ ability to maintain a business in today’s environmental and social climate,” said Rajkumar Phatate, Ph.D. “Each student team will be able to walk away from the simulation having experienced what it takes to create both customer value and profitability, all while satisfying the community and maintaining the environment.”

The eight teams participating in the final round will be reimbursed for travel to Bengaluru. Suitable accommodations will also be provided.

“In this competition, participants will learn important skills necessary to be a conscious capitalist,” explained Ernest Cadotte, Ph.D. “Participants will learn to balance the needs of customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and the community while working as a team.”

More than Rs.100,000 in prize money will be awarded to the top teams as they place in the regional and final rounds of the competition. The deadline for each team to register is July 15, 2018. To learn more or to register, visit