Harvard Business Publishing Education and Marketplace Simulations Form Partnership to Expand Simulation Learning to the Higher Education Marketing Classroom

Dr. Cadotte representing Marketplace Simulations with the Harvard Business Publishing team.

Knoxville, TN – Marketplace Simulations is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Harvard Business Publishing (HBP). HBP will distribute three levels of marketing simulations beginning fall semester 2018. Now available to educators and students through Harvard Business Publishing are:

The Introduction to Marketing and Strategic Marketing simulations will be available in two formats — students can play against their classmates in a competitive format, or they can play against the computer, an ideal setup for online courses or distance learning. The three Marketplace Simulations range in complexity from novice, non-majors in a Principles of Marketing class, all the way up to an MBA caliber capstone course.  The simulations offered in this HBP pilot program can meet all of the needs of the higher education marketing classroom.

“We are extremely proud to have formed this partnership with a brand as recognizable and distinguished as Harvard Business Publishing,” explained Dr. Ernest Cadotte, author of Marketplace Simulations. “The HBP brand symbolizes the highest quality in business education, no differently than Marketplace symbolizes the premier brand for simulation-based learning. Marketplace is like no other with 24/7 support to both students and professors and assurance of learning tools like the Balanced Scorecard, rubrics, and an objective assessment. There is also an unparalleled dedication to student accessibility, ensuring that all can easily, equally, and independently engage with our simulations.”

The core content of every simulation includes marketing strategy, target marketing, product design, advertising, internet marketing, sales distribution, and profitability. A marketing simulation by Marketplace allows student learners to experiment with strategies, test tactical ideas, and experience the consequences of their actions in the safety of a virtual environment.

A new bicycle storyline provides students with an interesting challenge. They are to lead a marketing division tasked to create a business around two innovative technologies – a more economical form of carbon fiber and an advanced 3D printer that can efficiently build bike frames of any size and shape. As students study the market, formulate a marketing strategy, and work to implement it in a dynamic global market, concepts are introduced gradually and purposefully.

“Both Harvard Business Publishing and Marketplace Simulations believe deeply in the power of experiential learning,” said Joshua Macht, Chief Product and Innovation Officer at Harvard Business Publishing. “That’s why we are so excited to be making Marketplace‘s marketing simulations available on the HBP Education website. We are seeking to connect a global audience of business educators and students with the best simulations and experiential learning tools available, and this distribution partnership helps us fulfill that mission.”

For more information about Marketplace Simulations, visit marketplace-simulation.com/hbp.