Tom Elmer: How Business Simulations Give Students a Taste of Reality

Every straight-A student has heard that it takes more than book smarts to succeed in the world. But how do you truly stretch those students beyond the knowledge of theory? How do you help them master real-life skills and intuition that can’t be learned from a textbook?

On the ODLI on Air podcast, from West Chester University, marketing professor Tom Elmer shares how he challenges his best students with business simulations.

“No matter how much you plan, your competitors aren’t sitting there waiting for you to take them out,” Elmer says.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How business simulations can uniquely challenge and teach your top-performing students.
  • Why Elmer believes the marketing games from Marketplace Simulations are “the closest I can get the real world into my classroom.”
  • How Elmer creates a multi-faceted experience by bringing guests to his class, tying lectures to the simulation, and giving a real prize to the simulation’s winning team.
  • What advice Elmer gives to professors who want to incorporate a business simulation into their classes.

Read a full transcript of the episode.