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Did you know that only a select number of business schools actually have a digital marketing course in their marketing degree curriculum?

To quote Albert Costill from SEJ, “According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the amount of market research analysts and marketing specialists is expected to increase 32% from 2012-2022 – which is faster than the national average of 11% for all occupations. While that sounds promising for anyone pursuing a career in digital marketing, the education required for these skills seems to be lacking.”

How can I teach my students about Internet marketing if I don’t know enough about the topic?

Unfortunately, educators can’t keep up with the ever-changing pace of Internet marketing. The good news is, there’s now an easy way teach the basics of online marketing in your class without needing to learn it yourself.

Marketplace®Simulations has developed two new microsimulations that focus on Internet Marketing to alleviate the worry of leaving your students with little to no knowledge about marketing on the web. These micro lessons address the Internet marketing gaps within a traditional marketing course and take only 15 to 25 minutes to complete.

Internet Marketing Microsimulations – New, Interactive EdTech Tools

Organic Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing web sales funnelFamiliarize your students on the fundamentals of organic Internet marketing. With this microsimulation, students go through a series of interactive micro lessons that explain the basic concepts of optimizing a website for search engine rankings, understanding key components of a web sales funnel, and knowing and comprehending industry terms such as impressions, bounces, and CTR (click-through-rate) when they analyze organic metrics.

Paid Internet Advertising

Internet Marketing micro lesson on paid advertisingThe Paid Internet Advertising microsimulation familiarizes your students with designing an online ad campaign, bidding for visibility in search engines, understanding how to read analytics, and assessing the effectiveness of a landing page.

With these two microsimulations, your students will have a fundamental understanding of Internet marketing industry terms, know how the web sales funnel differs from traditional marketing funnels, and acquire general knowledge of how paid advertising works.

Show your students what modern day marketing encompasses, and they’ll be ten steps ahead of their peers.

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New Release—Marketplace® now has two Marketing Simulations available that include Internet marketing.

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