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Storyline - Will your students reshape the bike industry?

Students receive an interesting challenge - to lead a new marketing division of an established, large bicycle company. The division's task is to create a business around innovative technologies: a more economical form of carbon fiber and an advanced 3D printer that uses the new material to efficiently build a bike frame of any size and shape. This enables strong, lightweight bikes that are tailored to the size and usage of each customer.

The fabrication equipment can be set up in regular warehouses local to where the bike shops are built. This distributed manufacturing allows the new division to eliminate most of the inventory that would otherwise be held, thus reducing the costs of distribution.

Emphasis on Internet Marketing The bicycle edition of both the Strategic Marketing and Advanced Strategic Marketing game covers the same comprehensive learning content as its computer industry counterpart, but adds new decisions focused on Internet Marketing. This expanded advertising module covers the essentials of Internet Marketing, and introduces the relative merits of Organic versus Paid Internet Marketing. Your student will apply keywords for search engine optimization, engage in competitive bidding, respond to web analytics, and prioritize investment in a social media strategy.

Will they build a profitable market niche?

If played well, producing a lower cost, customized carbon fiber bike should create an exciting opportunity for a brand new niche market. Instead of exclusive equipment only for expert riders, the new bicycles will appeal to a wider market of more affluent riders. The chance to own a durable, elite bicycle at a lower price could even entice economically minded customers.


Newly added essentials of Internet Marketing


Search Engine Optimization

Competitive Bidding


Ad Budgets


Click-Through Rates

Web Analytics

Social Media

Organic versus Paid Internet Marketing Strategy

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Let your students utilize their marketing knowledge to create a profitable business!

With such revolutionary technology, the bike manufacturers want to open their own bicycle shops to exclusively sell their own brands. It seems like a straightforward business model, but almost 86% of higher-end bicycles are sold through small, specialty bike stores. Manufacturers have little experience with direct sales to consumers through company-owned outlets and, further, don't wish to disrupt the current channels of distribution. Therefore, these companies are taking a low-key approach to market development. They are going to recruit young business professionals outside of the biking industry (your students) to test-market the business model and explore this new market opportunity.


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