Train the Trainer Lyon

Train the Trainer in Lyon

Our three-day workshop will teach you how to engage students in managing societal impact with the Conscious Capitalism Simulation.

Looking for a game changer for your next class?
Join us in Lyon, France, on May 28–30, 2024!

Let us show you the possibilities.

  • Play the Conscious Capitalism Simulation as a student. 
  • Discover the pedagogy behind the simulation and what makes it so successful as a teaching tool. 
  • Learn how to add the simulation into your coursework. 
  • Develop effective coaching skills and learn the dos and don’ts of working with your students.

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May 28–30, 2024
Lyon, France

Play the Conscious Capitalism Simulation

Conscious Capitalism challenges students to build a profitable business that benefits all stakeholders. Students learn to build a cross-functional business strategy, from product design to sales, production, finance, and more. Along the way, they’ll have to consider their company’s impact on community health, the environment, employee morale, and customer safety.

At Train the Trainer, you’ll get to compete against your peers and experience all the same challenges and triumphs your students do. Get ready to experience the power of immersive simulation learning!

Learn About the Location and Agenda

Who Should Attend?

Train the Trainer is open to instructors of all experience levels. New instructors get to discover the complete Marketplace pedagogy in an immersive, exciting way. Experienced instructors get to refine their teaching strategies and learn how to use Marketplace to its full potential.

You’ll get to explore a Marketplace simulation as a student first. Discover the benefits and challenges each student faces while playing the game, as well as the effectiveness of simulation-based learning. 

In between decision sessions, you’ll take part in a variety of interactive lectures. Marketplace author Dr. Ernest Cadotte will share the underlying pedagogy of the software, as well as best practices for integrating a simulation into your course curriculum.

What Does It Cost?

The Train the Trainer workshop is a FREE event. We provide all training materials, as well as family-style meals each day for workshop attendees. Give us advanced notice if you plan to travel with a spouse or significant other, and they will also be welcome to join the group for no extra charge for lunch and dinner.

Discuss simulation pedagogy with Marketplace Simulations creator Dr. Ernest Cadotte.

What Do Fellow Educators Say About Train the Trainer?

Sam Lee

The Train the Trainer workshop not only helped me better understand the pedagogy behind the simulation, but it provided me a view from the student’s perspective. I can now reflect on what I learned and proactively address potential challenges the class may encounter as we progress through the game.

Sam Lee, Ph.D.
Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Hult International Business School
Lindsay Mahony

Marketplace Simulations’ Train the Trainer Workshop has truly been a quality use of my time. Whether you’re brand new to the simulation or have had some exposure to it, it was absolutely worthwhile. I would even consider coming back and doing it again. Every time you play this game you learn more and more.

Lindsay Mahony
Lecturer of Strategic Management
University of Tennessee
Jeff Blodget

Just want to say thanks to you, Ernie and the entire Marketplace team! This was the best instructional seminar I have ever been to in my 26 years as a faculty member! I have already recommended it to a colleague and am looking forward to using the Bikes simulation this spring.

Dr. Jeff Blodgett
Professor of Marketing
University of Houston—Victoria
Keith Murray

The Train the Trainer workshop has helped me learn to be a better coach, providing tips and techniques that I plan to put into practice starting next semester. As educators, we need to incorporate more learning exercises, like simulations, into our curriculum. Marketplace is fabulous because it compels students to look at managing business and all of its complexities, well preparing them for the real world.

Keith Murray, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing
Bryant University
Andong Cheng

I love the TTT! I think everybody should do it. You think you know the game, but when you play it yourself as a team member, all of a sudden, the problems your students may encounter become more understandable.

Andong Cheng
Assistant Professor of Marketing
University of Delaware
James Koshar

One of the best training seminars that I have ever attended! Excellent staff with superior instruction! A sense of being a part of a caring community of professionals! Thank you, Ernie and team!

Professor James N. Koshar
Stratford University

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