Operations Management – PC Edition

Operations Management – PC Edition

This business simulation focuses on operations management and advanced manufacturing within the context of a fully integrated organization. Your students learn all of the fundamentals of a modern manufacturing system, including demand forecasting, production scheduling, changeover, and quality control. They are responsible for the setup of a lean and reliable pull manufacturing operation.


This business simulation game provides your students with the experience of managing the operations of a fully integrated firm. Marketing, sales channel, accounting, and finance decisions are simplified while operations management is deeply explored.


In the Operations Management simulation, your students start a new company that will enter the microcomputer business during a turbulent period in our economic history. An outside group of venture capitalists provides the seed capital to cover their start up costs. Student teams acquire a factory in Asia and start to produce microcomputers. They will market them throughout the world. Your students will have limited financial resources and complete accounting responsibility. They have four decision rounds to get their company off the ground in spite of the economic and political risks that they will face. Within this time frame, they should become a self-sufficient firm, earning substantial profits from their operations.

Target Courses

Operations Management

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Time Frame

4 decision rounds, with each round taking 60 to 120 minutes hours per student


Balanced scorecard that measures profitability, customer satisfaction, market share in the targeted market segments, manufacturing productivity, financial risk, asset management, preparedness for the future and wealth.

Play Options

Your students can compete against their peers.