Marketplace Around the World: Conscious Capitalism in Mexico

“Free enterprise capitalism is the most powerful system for social cooperation and human progress ever conceived. It is one of the most compelling ideas we humans have ever had. But we can aspire to even more.”

These words from the Conscious Capitalism Credo have been framing the ongoing dialogue that business leaders around the world have been having: how can we build businesses that exist for more than just profit?

At the start of June, the Marketplace Simulations author, Ernie Cadotte, and Conscious Capitalism co-founder, Raj Sisodia, gathered with some of Mexico’s business leaders and educators for a three-day workshop on the history, importance, and future of the Conscious Capitalism movement.

The workshop was hosted by Tecnológico de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. Tecnológico de Monterrey is a major player in Mexico’s business landscape as the top-rated business school in the region, boasting 31 campuses in 25 cities throughout the country.

The attendees were comprised of the faculty, directors, and deans of Tecnológico de Monterrey as well as various other business programs in the region – each bringing a different industry and focus, from sustainability to social entrepreneurship to environmentalism.

For a day and a half, Sisodia took attendees deep into the ideas and evolution of Conscious Capitalism, highlighting businesses who took all their stakeholders into consideration – and those who hadn’t.

Time and time again, the attendees were reminded that Conscious Capitalism isn’t just an ethical pursuit. It’s a better model of business, and to show how, we utilized our Conscious Capitalism simulation.

If you know Marketplace, you know our commitment to practical application of ideas and concepts, so, for the last day and a half, we split the attendees into six teams to compete in our simulation.

Attendees experienced the challenge of running a profitable, growing business while also keeping the higher goals of Conscious Capitalism in mind.

Marketplace CEO, Ernie Cadotte reflected on the time: “the passion and commitment these attendees have for building conscious businesses is truly inspiring. It’s an honor to be participating in this workshop with so many of Mexico’s business leaders and educators.”

All in all, it was an incredible workshop. Marketplace is proud to partner with Conscious Capitalism to help educate and empower business students and leaders around the world.

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