Business Game Scenario

Business Game Scenario

Marketplace Simulations are business games which insert students into a fictional scenario where they must put their business education to the test. Students are tasked with running part of a business in some scenarios, while other more advanced scenarios will have a team of students running the entire business themselves.

Throughout the exercise, students are exposed to different facets and various functional areas of a business. By learning how these different roles work together, we encourage students to break out of the silo mentality and view their roles as part of a whole.

Experiential learning tools will provide a safe learning environment for your students to experiment with different pedagogical content in a realistic business game. Here, the stakes are high, but the risks are relatively low. Students gain experience and confidence that they can apply in real-world scenarios once they graduate.

  • You are about to start a new company that will enter a new niche of the bicycle business.
  • You have recently licensed the technology to economically build carbon fiber bikes using 3D printing.
  • 3D printing and inexpensive carbon fiber will cut costs substantially, allowing the new bikes to be priced well below other, traditionally produced, carbon fiber bikes
  • The new bikes will still be a bit pricy, but many more bikers will be able to afford one.
A real-life 3D-printed bicycle frame

Your job is to test market this business concept in three segments and four cities.

Market Segments

Test Markets

This is just the start! We have many different simulations for a wide variety of courses. From your core business courses to your supply chain courses and everything in between! We have a business game for your course which will engage your students today!

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