E-Commerce Simulation Bundle

E-Commerce Simulation Bundle

Equip students for the online world of business

Engage your students with the strategies that define modern business. With our E-Commerce Simulation Bundle, students learn how to build a thriving company through search engine optimization, paid search advertising, and customer experience innovations—while also handling the traditional challenges of business.

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Perfect for upper undergraduates and MBAs

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Six decision rounds, 1.5–2 hours each

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E-Commerce Business Strategy Simulation

Let students taste the full complexity of e-commerce. In this cross-functional business simulation, your students will start web-based bicycle companies. Over six quarters, they’ll make strategic plans, design brands, implement marketing campaigns, open sales channels, manage manufacturing, and more. 

Students gain practical experience as they work to draw in organic traffic and optimize paid ad bidding strategies. They’ll also set social media marketing strategies and implement customer experience innovations to provide a smooth shopping experience. Just like the real world, they’ll need a savvy strategy to rank #1 in the search engines and their customer’s hearts.

Online Marketing Microsimulations

Our Online Marketing Microsimulations are 25-minute, individual exercises. Students can play each one as many times as they need to master each concept.

Fundamentals of Online Marketing coaches students as they help a small business owner increase visitors to their website and turn those visitors into leads. They’ll learn about search engine rankings, web analytics, bounce rates, and the web sales funnel.

Online Paid Advertising lets students experiment with paid internet advertising and pay-per-click campaigns. They’ll learn about impressions, cost-per-click, click-through-rates, and landing pages.

It’s the Full Package for E-Commerce Learning!

Give your students the complete online sales and marketing experience. Our E-Commerce Simulation Bundle gives students the targeted skills they need to land a job or start their own online business.

Your Students Will Learn:

E-Commerce Entrepreneurship

Start and run a new e-commerce venture. Respond to customer needs and pivot your strategy to meet changing market conditions.

Website Optimization

Use web optimization tactics to increase visitors, create leads, and give customers the best buying experience possible.

Search Engine Marketing

Build cost-per-click ads and bid on keywords to draw in new leads. Use quarterly reports to refine your marketing plan and achieve the top ranking.

Product Marketing

Develop, price, and promote a portfolio of brands based on segment needs, market size, price sensitivity, and evolving market feedback.

Lean Production

Project demand, set up production and invest in capacity expansions. Minimize lost sales, excess capacity, and production costs.

Sales Channel Management

Manage a sales strategy entirely online or combine your web sales center with brick-and-mortar storefronts as your company grows.

Compensation & Benefits

Create competitive packages to stimulate employee motivation and productivity. Use data to determine which benefits will carry the most weight.

Financial Management

Analyze financial statements, profitability reports, and industry financial ratios to manage cash and profits.

Give students the skills to start their own e-commerce ventures.

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We Make Teaching Easy

The E-Commerce Simulation Bundle includes a full package of teaching tools to simplify coaching, assessments, and answering student questions. We never charge extra for first-class support.

  • Bundled support materials get you started quickly.
  • Live reports monitor each student’s performance.
  • Automated coaching assistance analyzes student decisions and generates discussion points.
  • Optional assessments and automated grading keep students on track.
  • Our support team is available 7 days a week for you and your students.

I always get the right information at the right time—with virtually no delay between asking the question and getting an answer. It makes me look like a superstar with my students.”

Minet Schindehutte, Syracuse University

Thanks to the extensive feedback tools in the simulation, the students were able to figure out their mistakes in real-time and after the fact … without my intervention.”

Krishna Erramilli, Illinois Institute of Technology

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Give your students a learning experience they’ll never forget!

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