Business Fundamentals – PC Edition

Business Fundamentals – PC Edition

The Business Fundamentals – PC Edition simulation covers all the fundamentals of business. It hits upon the essence of each discipline without getting bogged down in the details. Business Fundamentals will give students a taste of business, something to excite them about choosing business as a major.

Because the simulation is highly integrated, it provides an ideal platform from which instructors can discuss and illustrate the business management fundamentals.

The Business Fundamentals simulation is similar to Business Primer, but it includes more detail in the marketing and manufacturing modules.


The simulation covers all the fundamentals of business, including:

  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance and Accounting


In the Business Fundamentals simulation, your students are provided with the seed capital to start up their business. They will have limited financial resources and complete accounting responsibility. They will build a factory, open sales offices, hire sales staff, design products and advertising campaigns. They will prepare demand projections, set the production capacity and schedule the production of their brands. As the exercise progresses, they can introduce improved products with new technology and expand their distribution and production capacity in order to maximize their performance.

Target Courses

Introductory courses in business.

players playing

Time Frame

4 rounds, each round taking 30 to 60 min per student.


Grading is based on the balanced scorecard that measures all aspects of the business.

Play Options

Your students can compete against their peers or against computer-generated competitors.

The “play against computer” option allows everyone to work at his or her own pace and there is no need to coordinate the progress of all of the students.


English, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, Lithuanian, Polish, Chinese(simplified) and Korean – “Play against Peers”

English, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, Lithuanian, Polish, Chinese(simplified) and Korean – “Play against computer”