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Create a Stronger Pedagogical Foundation by Leveraging EdTech in Higher Ed

Is it just me or does it seem like the world of EdTech (Educational Technology) has suddenly exploded with an endless amount of options? As primary education (K-12) schools have embraced change, EdTech continues to take the world by storm with higher education seemingly flailing in its attempt to play catch-up. With the EdTech market… Read More »

Microsimulations Available Now

The new Microsimulations that were announced in December are now available.. These are optional skill-and-drill exercises that students can complete within a Marketplace® Live simulation. Read more about how to preview the Microsimulations and add them into your simulation below: How do I preview the Microsimulations? There is a sample demo for Microsimulations at: To… Read More »

Ryno Senior’s 10 Years with Innovative Learning Solutions

Innovative Learning Solutions is celebrating with long-time distributor and team member, Ryno Senior, as he recently reached an important milestone: his 10th year with the company. Ryno began working with ILS in what he described as a meaningful moment in his life. “I was still mourning my youngest son, who had passed away around that… Read More »

Using Marketplace® Simulations in Online Courses

Online courses in higher education are on the rise. But how do you use a simulation in an online course? We interviewed a couple of professors using Marketplace® simulations to shed some light on this popular topic. Dr. Robert Heinzman has been teaching at Western Govenors’ University for two and a half years. He explains… Read More »

Business Education for Talented Students Program and Marketplace® Live

Innovative Learning Solutions is proud to have been a part of the Business Education for Talented Students Program at the University of Tennessee for the past six years. This one-week program introduces high school students from an assortment of backgrounds to various forms of business, including Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Human Resource Management and more. During… Read More »

Inside Scoop: Web Marketplace v. Marketplace Live

Marketplace® Live was created using the same deeply rich pedagogy of Web Marketplace; however, there are some notable distinctions between the two families of simulations.   Updated Scenario: Brand Designs: Marketplace® Live uses 3D graphics so that students can actually see the changes that they are making in their brands. There are also descriptions for… Read More »

Thought Piece: Your Brain on Games

By Hillary McDaniels The negative effects of avid video game usage have been under scrutiny for years. However, new research shows playing video games can affect our brains in positive ways. A study at the University of Rochester in New York asserts that violent games, which have often been a source of concern for many… Read More »

Thought Piece: Simulations and Education

By: Hillary McDaniels   The last time I studied biology, I was a freshman at Farragut High School, almost 10 years ago. The online simulation game, Foldit, allows people with little science background to execute complex biological experiments. When I heard that I had the capacity to solve some of the most complex protein folding… Read More »

Thought Piece: Why the Videos of Marketplace Live Matter

by Martin Klima Making the business decision process more intuitive In recent years, the emergence of new technologies and the increase in Internet bandwidth has allowed new opportunities for the use of rich visual environments in business simulations. Marketplace Live boasts an entirely new interface with visually rich decision screens and revised reports. In critical… Read More »