Going online with your class?
Marketplace Business Simulations are here to help.

As COVID-19 disrupts hundreds of universities and organizations worldwide, Marketplace is actively preparing solutions and alternatives for programs and students affected. We can help, whether you’re a current customer or a new one looking for an immediate solution.

At this crucial time for Higher Education, we will do everything we can to help students and instructors continue forward and adjust to this precarious situation.

We have decades of experience with online education. It’s our specialty.

Our simulations already have everything they need to function in an online-only environment.

Over 900,000 students in over 60 countries have played a Marketplace game, all online.

Quick Facts

  • We have simulations that can run for twenty minutes, a few hours, a few weeks, or an entire semester.
  • We have simulations for undergraduates, MBAs, and executives.
  • We have simulations for core classes, marketing, entrepreneurship, strategy, capstone courses, supply chain, accounting and finance, and operations management
  • Students can play individually at their own pace or on a team against classmates, which is a lot of fun and very motivating.
  • Marketplace simulations will engage your students, leaving you to focus on coaching. This is experiential learning at its best!

What drives the learning process for students?

  • Inherent Competitiveness - All Marketplace games are competitive; students play against classmates or computer-generated competitors. It is in our genes to be competitive; it gets our adrenaline flowing.
  • Ownership - Student run their own business; they have a vested interest in its success. They take responsibility and soon lose sight of the fact that they are playing a game.
  • Captivating - They try ideas and see results immediately. They love to see if they have captured the hearts of the customer and outsmarted the competitors. It is a game!
  • Realism - It is a life-like, new product scenario that students can put themselves into. The concepts, principles, and ways of thinking that you have been teaching come alive.
  • A great way to learn - It is far better than a lecture or a textbook. Students find themselves engaged, challenged, inspired, and transformed. They can feel it happening.

What is special about Marketplace Simulations that make them ideal for online classes?

Low level Introductory classes

The introductory games are designed to not require instructor involvement. Students play on their own and at their own pace against computer-generated competitors. The games help to illustrate important concepts, principles, and ways of thinking. They can be used as a reference point during lectures and discussions, which makes the class more interesting and relevant.

High level classes

The best way to run high level classes classes is in teams that compete against each other. This is the secret sauce to serious games – competition against live, dynamic, not-quite predictable classmates.

An entire team can be logged into Marketplace at the same time, working in different areas or viewing the same information, while they debate their choices and possible outcomes.

Video conferencing software like Zoom or video chat makes all the difference in the world. Teams can connect, review information, make decisions, and have meaningful discussions.

In the same way, you can conduct executive briefings, have one-on-one discussions, and even run a Venture Capital Fair.

It's like everyone is in the same room.

If you are reluctant to organize a live competitive game, many of these same simulations have the play-against-the computer option so that the students can work at their own pace, in teams or alone. And, you can connect via chat or video as you desire.

In-class time

Normally, students work well outside of class time for team meetings and working on Marketplace. Class time can be used for lectures and discussion.. If you are worried about participation, you can require students to work during class time where you can monitor their work. Marketplace shows which students are logged in, how much time they have spent, and what exactly they have done. And, you can have video meetings with your teams during this time as well.

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Here is some additional information to help you evaluate our Marketplace Simulations

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Here is what we do to help instructors to be successful

  • Think through the learning process and create a pedagogy that has a high probability of success
  • We take care of the technical aspects so you can focus on teaching
  • Make it easier
    • to know what is going on
    • to advise students
    • to grade performance
  • Offer technical support 7 days a week.
  • Continuously improve the learning environment

Tools to Help Instructors

  • Instructor Guidelines for creating and managing a course
  • Online coaching tips
  • Power Point presentations for training
  • Automated grading based upon a Balanced Scorecard
  • Online access to all team and student information
  • Team Strengths and Weaknesses to drill down into causes of a team’s problems
  • Coaching Assistant to diagnose team problems
  • Assurance of Learning Tools (customized objective tests, rubrics, and peer evaluations)

Simulation Pedagogy

  • Create a microcosm of the firm by including all key business or marketing functions – students must manage a whole firm or whole marketing division.
  • Start at beginning of story - a new adventure.
  • Gradually layer in new decision content as it becomes relevant in life of firm – a natural progression that is more intuitive.
  • Frequently repeat difficult decisions in order to set important concepts, principles and ways of thinking into the students’ natural thought process.
  • Create a storyline that is interesting and relevant to the student in the role of an entrepreneur
  • Reinforce a process for making good decisions
    • Present a logical order to the decisions to be made
    • Present relevant information before a decision
    • Link decisions to cash flow and profitability
  • Encourage a balanced perspective on the management of the firm – the Balanced Scorecard

Marketplace Accessibility Solutions

All students can easily, equally, and independently engage with our simulations. We have re-engineered our business games to meet the new design standard – WCAG 2.0 AA. For more information, click here.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Many schools are adopting Learning Management Systems (LMS) to synchronize their current applications and prepare for future adaptations.

The IMS Global Learning Consortium has developed the LTI standard in an effort to provide protocol for external education software and applications integrating with an LMS.

At Marketplace Simulations, we share that commitment to connectivity and accessibility. We're proud to offer LTI v1.1 and LTI v1.3 integrations for our simulations.

Key online-only partners - Experience that counts

  • Western Governor’s University
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Purdue Global
  • Arizona State University
  • Berkeley College


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