Continuing Our Commitment to Connectivity

As technology continues its rapid advancement, our schools and education systems are evolving with it. New applications, tools, and software are launching each year as innovators and instructors build new ways of engaging students, modernizing systems, and facilitating world-class education.

Screenshot of an LMS dashboard

In this ever-changing landscape, many schools are adapting Learning Management Systems (LMS) to synchronize their current applications and prepare for future adaptations.

The IMS Global Learning Consortium has developed the LTI standard in an effort to provide protocol for external education software and applications integrating with an LMS.

At its core, this initiative is about creating a more modern, connected, and easy-to-use learning system for faculty, instructors, and students.

At Marketplace Simulations, we share that commitment to connectivity and accessibility. We’re proud to offer LTI 1.1 and LTI v1.3 integrations for our simulations.

Contact our Support Department for instructor and student manuals on how our simulations connect with your classroom and university.


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