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The textbook The Management of Strategy in the Marketplace (Cadotte, Bruce) is designed to accompany the Marketplace Live business simulations. It is completely optional as the Marketplace Live business simulations are stand-alone exercises. The purpose of the textbook is to lay out an intellectual foundation that will prepare students to compete in the real marketplace. The simulation provides a living case through which students gain hands-on experience in business management. In short, the textbook provides the theory; the simulation provides the practice.

Management and Strategy Textbook

The Management of Strategy in the Marketplace

Do I need this textbook to run the simulation?

Although the textbook is designed to complement the material already within each simulation, it is completely optional. Marketplace simulations are stand-alone exercises.

If this is something you might be interested in, here is a quick reference that highlights the chapters suitable for various Marketplace Live simulations:

How can I order the textbook for my students?

We have two options available — e-book and printed version:

1. e-book

The e-book, when bundled with a simulation, can be purchased in full for $19 or you can choose which chapters of the e-book to include for $1 per chapter.

When you first create and set up the business simulation game of your choice, there will be an option to select the electronic copy of the textbook.

The textbook chapters will be available as a PDF to your students directly from the student interface. Your students will be able to add notes or highlight important material in their copy of the e-book.

2. Printed copy

A hard copy of the textbook may be ordered from lulu.com for $45.05 plus shipping.

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