Ryno Senior’s 10 Years with Innovative Learning Solutions

Innovative Learning Solutions is celebrating with long-time distributor and team member, Ryno Senior, as he recently reached an important milestone: his 10th year with the company.

Ryno began working with ILS in what he described as a meaningful moment in his life. “I was still mourning my youngest son, who had passed away around that time, after a one year struggle with an aggressive leukemia. As a result of this turbulent process, my previous business had collapsed and I was seeking for a new opportunity.”

Ryno had used a simulation in a course after reengaging the path to receive his MBA. He was researching simulations online and came across the ILS website.  He reached out to the company and was met by another ILS team member, Martin Klima.

Since he began with the company he has made many great memories. “When attending my Train-The-Trainer seminar, I got fun memories of my first Venture Capital Fair as Ernie played the investor and cut us with a lousy deal when purchasing our stock. It’s great to see how disoriented I felt at the time and how much confidence I‘ve gained in financial literacy throughout these years just by interacting with these games,” Ryno says.

Ryno also loves the experience of working with a company that has partners globally. “Being from a small island in the Caribbean, it’s a great feeling to sit in front a computer and suddenly be a part of a translation effort with a development team in Slovakia, exchange ideas and experiences with people from London, Brazil or Egypt or just handle day-to-day operations with the staff in Knoxville,” he explains.

In the past 10 years Ryno has had the opportunity to watch the company grow in what he calls a “remarkable evolution”. He says that the diversification of the product portfolio, the optimization of the administrative process, and the development of marketing functions are just some of the ways that Innovative Learning Solutions has shown innovation in his years with the company.

“I love the teamwork spirit at ILS,” Ryno says. “Everyone is problem solving, service driven and highly cooperative with each other. It’s also great to deal with the same people as the years go by and see how the newcomers quickly engage within this teamwork culture.”

We have loved having Ryno as a part of the ILS team for the past 10 years and we agree with him when he says, “I believe this company is truly committed to innovation and development and I am surely looking forward to see what lays ahead for us.”

Thank you, Ryno! And happy 10 years!




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