Product Release: Marketplace Live Conscious Capitalism® Game

Dr. Ernie Cadotte, Dr. Raj Sisodia, and the Conscious Capitalism® Institute have teamed up to create a new simulation. It is called Conscious Capitalism® in the Marketplace. The simulation is designed to illustrate and reinforce the key tenants of the Conscious Capitalism® movement. Students will have a variety of issues to deal with, including product sustainability and reliability, environmental concerns, and employee morale. They must learn to manage a full-enterprise business while addressing the conscious opportunities, situations, and problems embedded throughout.

The Conscious Capitalism® scenario is played out through industry news releases and in-basket memos.  These notifications, in congruence with system improvement reports and marketing research, create a dynamic and engaging storyline for users that mirrors real world business practice. The simulation allows for sustainable research and development options, unique compensation packages, community development, and so on.

Memos alert you to a possible issue with the batteries.

Here are some specifics about the play of the Conscious Capitalism® game.

The simulation is built upon the Venture Strategy game, one of our most popular Marketplace Live simulations. The game has six decision periods, or business quarters. Each decision round should take between two and three hours to complete.

In the first two quarters of the game, there are not many conscious  issues to delve into. Though there are a few references and a couple of key strategic decisions, the conscious  element is subtle. The goal of the first two quarters is to get students acquainted with the software, game scenario, decisions, and information before they tackle conscious  issues. They begin in the third quarter and continue to build until the end of the exercise.

We are currently in the alpha testing of this product, but are planning to unveil it at the Train-the-Trainers event on April 29th – May 1st in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Additionally, we are offering instructors the opportunity to beta test the simulation in their classroom during the summer. Licenses for the classroom beta test will be given at 50% discount of the regular price.

Once the Conscious Capitalism® simulation is out of the beta stage of testing, our support and sales team will be happy to give personal tours of the game.

If you would like more information on the Conscious Capitalism® simulation, the classroom beta test, or the Train-The-Trainer seminar, please email Ashley Rae Needham at [email protected].

About Marketplace Simulations
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