Marketplace Simulations AMA Presentation

We had the pleasure of participating in another AMA (American Marketing Association) conference last month. Our team members, Martin Klima and Ernie Cadotte, joined more than 600 marketing educators and researchers who met in sunny Las Vegas to discuss the challenges facing the marketing professionals in the digital age. The conference offered an exciting combination of presentations, learning workshops focused on a variety of cutting-edge teaching tools, networking opportunities, and more.

We want to thank everyone who took the time to stop by our booth to explore the latest offering from Marketplace Live simulations. We were excited to see so much interest in our newly released version of the Advanced Strategic Marketing game featuring new content focused on the basic concepts of Internet Marketing. The Conscious Capitalism® simulation also generated a lot of interest among those educators looking to add the topics of sustainability, corporate governance and triple bottom line to their teaching curriculum.

We were very pleased by the attendance to our conference session on Saturday, in which Martin Klima discussed the benefits of using marketing simulations as a means to adding an element of experiential learning into a variety of marketing courses. Special thanks to Professor Greg Gundlach, one of our long time customers, who shared his experience of using various Marketplace Live simulations, over the years, with the rest of the attendees.

We had some great questions from the audience that Professor Gundlach was happy to answer for us. Here’s an excerpt from Martin’s experience for the session’s Q&A. These questions and answers have not been quoted and are not verbatim:

Professor Gundlach has been using Marketplace for 20 years. He stayed for the session and shared how he built the simulation into his coursework.

Audience Q: The game covers product design, advertising, and media placement. What if I’m not covering some of these things until the later part of my class? How do I build this part in?

G.G. A: I will do the teaching during the first half of the semester and use the game during the second half of the course. Of course, I do teach along with the simulation but the basics get covered first.

Audience Q: I want to have an intro to marketing game for my students. If there’s any kind of advanced accounting in the game, I’ll lose students because they don’t know anything about accounting. They haven’t had those classes in accounting so it would be a turn off.

G.G. A: If you pick the intro to marketing game, it has a simple profitability statement that shows how much they’re making and how much they’ve spent. It’s all laid out for them.


We are excited about all of the new connections we’ve built! We will be reaching out to you in the next few days to make sure what happened in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas.