Marketplace Business Simulations

Key Benefits of Marketplace® Live Supply Chain & Channel Management simulation


Better documentation and ease of use in supply chain negotiations

Writing and reviewing supply chain contracts has been greatly simplified and made more intuitive. It is much easier for your students to write, modify and review their contracts.

The process now allows back and forth communication between teams before an agreement is reached. There is better documentation on the changes to the contracts; players can now view the complete history of the negotiations.

The extensive documentation can also be helpful if you wish to study the negotiation process for scholarly research.

Two Marketing Options available:

Based on user and reviewer feedback, we now offer both full-marketing and simplified marketing decisions.

In the full marketing version, students design their brands based on marketing research and market conditions.  Full ad copy design allows students to tailor their advertising message and placement to the selected target market.

Some supply chain and channel faculty prefer the simplified marketing decisions so students can focus on business-to-business relationships and negotiations. In the simplified marketing version, resellers may select brands from a good, better and best portfolio and place their ads in the media without worrying about ad copy design. Students can now focus on the merits of short-term versus long-term relationships or transactional versus relational management strategies.

 Addition of Supply Chain Risk to Balanced Scorecard

Starting in the fall semester, we will be adding a new metric to the balanced scorecard, Supply Chain Risk.

The Supply Chain Risk metric encourages teams to reduce their risk by developing multiple sources and developing longer-term relationships.

To perform well on the balanced scorecard, players must negotiate with multiple partners or be downgraded on supply chain risk. As a result, they get more management experience in business-to-business dealings. They also have a richer involvement with issues like power and dependence, influence strategies and tactics, conflict and conflict management, etc.

Better real time communication

Negotiations with business partners have been greatly facilitated with our new chat and email feature. Students can send and receive messages in real time, aiding an active dialogue with all parties.

Students can also communicate directly with you and their team members using chat and email. They can also see which team members are online and which decision areas they are working on.

A company blog also allows students to create and add a company logo, pictures and documents to be shared with their own team or other teams.

All team members can work on decisions simultaneously

A new decision-sharing system now allows better sharing of the decision template among the team members. One student can be working on brand selection decisions while another teammate modifies the pricing, and yet another team member negotiates with a supplier at the same time. This means that everyone can be working on his/her area at the same time. Players no longer have to wait on each other to finish their work. This is a big improvement.