Marketplace Business Simulations

Innovative Learning Solutions – A History

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“In the 70’s at the University of Tennessee, Dr. Ernie Cadotte was looking for ways to make his marketing classes more engaging and to make the key concepts really “sink in.” So he developed a game, based on team play and competition. Now, instead of just listening to lectures, his students were learning by doing. The first version of Marketplace was born. When computers arrived, Ernie jumped at the possibilities. Now he could simulate the complexities of an entire enterprise! He teamed up with a dozen experts to include all business disciplines. When the internet arrived, Ernie decided to connect students remotely. The software started catching on at other universities. Demand exploded. Ernie founded Innovative Learning Solutions and hired the first employees. Together, we expanded the library of simulations to cover more courses. Our newly hired support team started helping instructors and students. Today we provide a family of simulations that are visually rich, methodologically sound, and work across different devices. They come fully equipped with tools for the instructor–like team assessment and automatic grading. We offer simulations in many languages, with distributors supporting teachers and students all around the globe. Thanks to our growing community of instructors, we continue to create innovative learning solutions.”