How-to Instructions for Stock Setup

The instructor can change the stock settings for teams in any quarter. From the Web Instructor site choose the game you want to work with. From the Viewing Game screen, click on the “Stock, Fines, and Deceptive Ads” link above the teams table. A new window will open with several tabbed options, click on the “Stock Setup” tab.

The main table in the Stock Setup window lists the team details of stock transactions for the current quarter. The investments for each team are listed by investor, with open lines for new investors as needed. To adjust the stock parameters for the current quarter click on the “Modify” button below the table. You can then edit the Price per Share and/or Total invested, and click on the “Calculate” button to view the Total Number of Shares issued based on those settings.

You can test different settings for the Price per Share and/or Total invested, to compare the different outcomes in Total Number of Shares issued, based on the various settings. When you have completed the desired stock setup entries for the current quarter, use the “Save” button to implement these changes to the team software. The teams will immediately see the new stock settings and any change in amount invested in their simulation software.

The “List of Investors” and “Wealth of Investors” buttons above the table, are used for Venture Capital Fairs. You can find more information on the Venture Capital Fair option in the Instructor Materials, and support is happy to answer any questions you have about the VC Fair or other options.

The “List of Investors” displays all additional investors added to a teams list of investors, as with VC Fairs. The “Wealth of Investors” calculates the return on investment for each VC, so the instructor can see which Venture Capitalist investors made the most money on their investment. Instructors can use this information to make the VC Fair more interesting for the VC participants. Some instructors even present an awards for the VC participant with the highest return on investment, and other fun awards or acknowledgements.

If you have any questions about implementing a Venture Capital Fair into your class, please email [email protected] You may also enjoy reading our story on the mechanics of the Venture Capital Fair and Final Presentation.

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