Fall Train the Trainer Recap

By | December 11, 2013

The Fall 2013 TTT brought people to Knoxville, Tennessee from all over the world, including Korea, Egypt, the US, and Colombia.

Participants were welcomed on Sunday, October 27th with a welcome dinner and volleyball game at the Marriott Hotel in Knoxville. The night brought a lot of excitement, including the presentation of a very special gift from Korea to Marketplace® author and training leader, Dr. Ernest Cadotte and his wife, Bonnie.

Group Picture from the Fall 2013 Training

The Fall 2013 training was given using the Conscious Capitalism® simulation. On the first day, Dr. Cadotte gave a brief overview of the simulation and how the Conscious Capitalism aspects compared to the typical for-profit simulation. The participants were then put into teams and played the first 3 quarters throughout the day.

An important part of the training was the use of Business Coaches to illustrate how coaching can be used to enhance the learning. Near the end of each business quarter, the teams conducted an Executive Briefing with a Business Coach to review their analysis, strategy and decisions. The Coaches illustrated their coaching techniques by asking questions, providing brief chalk talks, and giving constructive feedback with rubrics.

The first day of training was closed with a review of Assurance of Learning Tools and tips for using the simulation in an online course.

The 2nd day of training focused on the preparation of each team’s business plan and the Venture Capital Fair. To start, the teams conducted a strategic analysis and adjusted their strategy and tactics for Quarter 4. With this as a base, they prepared a tactical plan and pro forma financial projections for next 3 business quarters. From there, they prepared their business plan presentations to persuade the venture capitalists to invest in their firm.

Fast Eddy

The fun part of the day was the negotiations with the VCs for the investment money.  There was a lot of excitement all around as deals were won and lost. Some firms had to turn to Fast Eddy to obtain sufficient funds to make their plan work.

The participants learned how a Venture Capital Fair can fire up the spirit, channel critical thinking, and enhance learning.

Day 2 was wrapped up with a discussion on the best pedagogical practices with Marketplace® and the presentation of training certification awards.

Another nice surprise came when one of the participants, Patrick Jeon from Paul&Mark, was gracious enough to share his singing talents and performed a song for the group. It truly was a special moment for all of the participants and those helping with the training.

The next training will be held in May 12th-14th, 2014. If you would like more information about the training please email Jessica at [email protected]


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