Facebook Team Photo Contest Winners Announced

We would like to say a special thank you to the twenty teams that entered our first Facebook Photo Contest. Students from The University of Tennessee, Carson Newman College, and Western Illinois University submitted innovative photographs of their teams. These photos exhibited the students’ team spirit and “company” pride.

Once all of the photos were submitted, students were given a week to garner the most votes from Facebook fans. The Innovative Learning Solutions staff judged the top ten teams’s photographs. The first place, second place, and third place winners were selected based on creativity and execution. The top ten teams and winners are announced below. For photo entries, please see the Team Photo Contest album on our ILSWORLD Facebook page.

Our next Facebook Contest will take place in November. The contest will judge the best company logos from Marketplace and Marketplace Live competitors. Former and current simulation teams are encouraged to upload their company logos to the ILSWORLD Facebook page. This contest will begin in early November and conclude later that month. Prizes include Visa, Amazon, and iTunes giftcards for the first, second, and third place teams. We will release more information on our ILSWORLD Facebook page. Please see our Facebook Page for the latest news and updates.

Top 10 Teams:

TYC from Western Illinois University 111 Votes

Odessey from Western Illinois University 75 Votes

[email protected] Incorporated from The University of Tennessee 53 Votes

MicoVation from The University of Tennessee 24 Votes

Spark Technologies from The University of Tennessee 20 Votes

Prestige Global from Western Illinois University 19 Votes

Focal Point from The University of Tennessee 16 Votes

Communications Radical from Western Illinois University 14 Votes

Infinity from The University of Tennessee 13 Votes

MEI Inc from The University of Tennessee 7 Votes



Top 3 Teams:

3rd- MicroVation from The University of Tennessee

2nd- Communications Radical (ComRad) from Western Illinois University

1st- [email protected] from The University of Tennessee





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