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By | December 11, 2013

There is an automated grading system available in Marketplace® Live Simulations.

The new grading system computes a grade for each team and student at the end of the exercise. The grade reflects how well the team has performed on the cumulative balanced scorecard relative to the performance of the other teams in that game universe, as well as against all teams that have ever played that simulation.

There are three options for the grading curve: easy, intermediate, and difficult. Instructors can preview the grades associated with each option before selecting the final setting. The default curve for the automatically calculated grades is difficult.

The automated grade can either be used as the final grade for the simulation or instructors can use the automated grade as a guide. Instructors wishing to make adjustments to a grade can do so in a column located next to the Automatically Calculated column.

Automatic grading is available in all Marketplace® Live levels, with the exception of Conscious Capitalism® and Introduction to Accounting and Finance. These levels do not yet have enough game data to have a long, distribution of performance scores, a requirement in the grading algorithm.

The grading tab can be accessed from the Instructor Profile, in the middle of the page above the game table. When the link is selected, a new page will open. The first tab, Simulation Performance, includes the automated grading tool.

Additionally, in the Simulation Performance tab, instructors can view the Cumulative Balanced Scorecard, the Balanced Scorecard, and the Total Adjusted Time Spent [logged into the simulation] for each student. Instructors are also able to view these performance results by team.

The automated grading feature is available in play against peer teams and play against computer-generated teams’ games. For more information, contact ILS Technical Support at [email protected] or +1-865-522-1946.

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