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Dr. Joyce Russell, vice dean and Ralph J. Tyser Distinguished Teaching Fellow of Management and Organization at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business, describes how Marketplace simulation helps create a unique capstone experience for the MBA and EMBA students.


"One of the most creative, enhanced, reality learning tools a university could offer students in any business marketing or management course."

Dawn Bell, Instructor, Davenport University

"I want your entire team to know that this is the finest simulation we have ever used. Compared to scores that we have tested, adopted, and taught, Marketplace is the Gold Standard. Service is superb. The whole package moves the industry ahead like no other."

John K. Clemens, Professor of Management, Hartwick College

"My students were really pleased playing the game. I have been running simulations for students since 1977, and yours is by far the best. Congratulations. "

Prof. Jorge Ramon Pedroza, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico

"Almost 100% of the comments made on instuctor evaluations regarding the marketplace game have been positive and some students have inquired about playing the game solo. I strongly recommend trying the Marketplace game series. "

Michael T. Elliott, Associate Prof. of Marketing, University of Missouri - St. Louis

"The Marketplace simulation was outstanding. So many wonderful learning experiences. No question l will use the simulation again. It was a very positive experience for everyone and I VERY much appreciate the excellent help all the support staff gave in making it work for a novice like me. "

Linda Gerber, University of Texas-Austin

"Thank you so much for all your assistance and good natured nurturing. The service you provide builds incredible product loyalty. I would not think of using a different game because of the quality of the game and your invaluable technical support. Thanks again! "

Jack Duncan, Professor and University Scholar in Management, University of Alabama at Birmingham

"The simulation definitely maximizes student learning. The decisions that the student faces are very realisitic and simulate the same kind of decisions faced by marketing managers in organizations. I really like the idea of phasing new material in gradually so it can be assimilated over a period of time, thus avoiding information overload."

Alfred Hawkins, Associate Professor, Marketing, Rockhurst University

"My students commented that the simulation was realistic, but also simplified in a way that allowed them to "play" with the concepts in the text. I think that the simulation graphics add to the learning experience. I think this is a key advantage of this simulation."

Kathryn Aten, Professor, University of Oregon


"I'd like to thank you for creating such a class for us. I really learned a lot about business. There is no doubt that this has been the best class I've taken in college."

Shawn Devine, student, University of Tennessee

"This has been my best and most interesting business class I have taken my entire college career. I have never felt like I did so well in any of my other classes. And I also thought that I would never like a business class until I entered your class and had the opportunity to use Marketplace."

Melissa Martin, student, Bryant College, Smithfield, RI

"The Marketplace is the closest simulation to real life that I have seen. It prepared me to make the decisions required to perform in the short run, while making the long term goals clearer and more attainable."

R. Ryan Calonge, student, University of Tennessee

"This simulation is the best part of my day. I really wish I had a laptop so that I could play continuously. It is wonderful and exciting to me and much more informative than any lecture or text could come close to - with all due respect, of course."

Jamael Rashad Hester, undergraduate student

"I can honestly say that it was the single biggest factor in spurring my educational experience in my marketing course. I was so impressed that I want to continue playing, even though the game is over."

Daryl Streat, Simon Fraser University, Taichung, Taiwan

"I wanted to say again how impressive your simulation game is. I have played such a game twice before and this one is light years ahead of those. No comparison. "

Mark McCall, EMBA, University of Tennessee

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