Innovative Learning Solutions offers online business simulations and simulation-based training seminars for business schools and corporations.

"I have used Ernie Cadotte's Marketplace Simulation game for several years in an entrepreneurship series at Clemson University. In the first course in the series, students have extensive interactions with entrepreneurs and learn basic concepts. The second course involves applying concepts through the simulation; and the third course, which is by invitation, involves working with real businesses on new venture plans. The Marketplace Simulation game has been a wonderful addition to our curriculum. "
Caron St. John, Professor and Director, Spiro Center, Clemson University

For business schools


Are you looking for a business simulation to be used as a supplemental assignment or a main project for your college course? Marketplace offers a set of simulations, each designed for a specific business course. They range from purely marketing games for the introductory courses on the undergraduate level, to mid-level games for the capstone marketing strategy or new venture courses, to complex simulation games designed for the integrative courses on the undergraduate, MBA and EMBA level.


Read about the simulation options for business schools


View the complete list of Marketplace simulations and the
       disciplinary areas they cover.


For corporations


Do you need a business simulation that can be tied into the managerial training for your company? ILS offers simulation-based training programs for strategic management training, executive development seminars, integrated business management and leadership development programs.


Read about the simulation options for corporations


View the complete list of Marketplace simulations and the
       disciplinary areas they cover.


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